Efficiently test all applications

No programming or testing experience needed.

Premium software testing tool to help you test new software features right after they are built.

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The smart & fast way to test your website or software applications

Get help from a dedicated software/website testing tool today. No programming or testing experience needed.

Boost reliability and lower turnaround time with the most convenient testing software

  • Browser Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Visual Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Website Testing
  • Headless Testing
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Improve your team’s capacity for efficiency, faster delivery, and high quality

TestSoothe makes it easy to deliver powerful web applications/softwares – all without coding or testing experience. Achieving your goals is easier even if your team is made up of manual testers or people with zero testing experience.

With the high-quality assurance and powerfully intuitive tools that TestSoothe provides, you can uncover bugs before your customers do.

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Fix defects earlier in the product life cycle

Because testing takes up a big chunk of the application development life cycle, the slightest improvement in the process will heavily impact the entire time frame. Whether you’re testing a new project or an existing one, you can record the process and replay the steps to test the application. What’s more, tests can be run virtually unsupervised so you can monitor your results towards the end of the process.

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Running tests is simple with TestSoothe

Step 1: Install our extension

Simply add our extension in your Chrome or Firefox web browser. To begin recording a test scenario, click the gear icon on your website.

Step 2: Record your app actions

The TestSuite extension records your interactions which you can run multiple times and at later times.

Step 3: Run ongoing tests

When stored, your software tests can be run repeatedly according to a plan or launched by our API. We provide result tracking as well.

Step 4: Setup reporting

Get detailed reports of all tests and 3rd party integration alerts. Sign in to review results and watch recorded test runs.

Why TestSoothe?

TestSoothe is a premium tool for BDD. With TestSoothe, you get:

  • Lower project costs
  • Real-time insights
  • Proper project documentation
  • Automated tests to reduce rework
  • A connection between business and development via BDD
  • Higher number of application test execution
  • Lower amount of time required to run tests
  • Run automated tests on project requirements
  • Clients hands-off on requirements
  • Improved accuracy, unified results, and analytics
  • Easy project and feature understanding for designers and developers

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